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        Memorial portrait

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            Yong Heng Shi Jia Ceramics Craft was founded in 1978 in Jingdezhen. ShiJia ceramics digital has been 21 years in photo porcelain field, so ShiJia ceramics digital has asenior industry experienceand influence. It is no exaggeration to say, our photo porcelain technology has reached the international most advanced level.

             With our high-resolution digital images and the patented Italian ceramic toners, the digital image is permanently fired (up to 1750°F) directly on to a glazed porcelain or ceramic product. The finished image is incredibly durable and will maintain the same beauty and colorfast characteristics as any glazed porcelain or ceramic surface.

             Yong Heng Shi Jia Ceramics Craft ’s products are resistant to:Sunlight, Acid Rain, Thermal Expansion/Contraction, Temperature Cycles, Frost and Snow.

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        Address:No.21, HePingXi Road, ChaoYang District,
        Beijing, People's Republic of China
        TEl:010-64971054 13810484959

        Address:No.3485, JiaSongBei Road, Jiading District,
        ShangHai (Postcode:201814) ,
        People's Republic of China
        TEl:021-59507140 18930207140



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